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Miguel de los Santos Garrido Espinosa

Born in Burgos, Spain, on July 5, 1973Download PDF Version
(Versión en Español)

City: Guayaquil
Country: Ecuador
Nationality: Spanish
Cell Phone: +593 9 98 832 594
Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miguel-garrido-espinosa/

Professional Profile

Far from radical positions and with a pragmatic point of view, I consider myself an early adopter and a convinced, while silent but hardworking, advocate of Open Source and Linux. All my professional career and, especially, my last job as Professional Services & IT Support Manager at one worldwide prominent Open Source Solutions company have allowed me to put into practice all the experience accumulated over the years in a wide spectrum of business configurations. My privileged position has allowed me to satisfy my passion for technology and has given me the opportunity to learn first hand the real and deep implications of Open Source philosophy and technology inside and outside the business world.



  • Administration and Management of Linux and Windows Servers.
  • Virtualization: QEMU/KVM, Xen, VirtualBox, Linux Containers, Docker.
  • Bash scripting.
  • In House App Development: PHP+MySQL.
  • Tasks and Services from Windows to Linux Migration
  • Novell Netware and Lotus Notes expertise.
  • Processes optimization and simplification.
  • Help Desk software: Mantis, OTRS, OSTickets,
  • Enterprise Calendars: iCal WebCalendar.
  • Hosting software: CPanel/WHM, Webmin, Sentora (zPanel)


  • Networking: Iptables, Squid proxy, CUPS, Samba, NFS, ftp, ftps, sftp, ssl. tcpdump.
  • Directory & Autentication: OpenLDAP, NISS, PAM
  • Email: Postfix, Dovecot, Perdition Proxy.
  • Spam and Virus: Amavis, Spamassassin, Grey listing, RBLs.
  • Voip: Asterix, Elastix.
  • Cloud providers: Linode, AWS.
  • Security: Fail2ban, mod-security.


  • Hardware and Software Acquisitions.
  • Recruitment.
  • Project management.
  • Staff management.
  • Customer service.


Language Writen Spoken
Spanish Native Native
English 90% 80%
Italian 60% 60%


Position Company Period
Professional Services & IT Support Manager PaloSanto Solutions 2011 – 2017
IT Manager Romero & Asociados Cía Ltda 1997 – 2011
Owner and Manager Cyber San Benito 2006 – 2009
Network Administrator U.E.S. Cristóbal Colón 1994 – 1997


Professional Services & IT Support Manager

PaloSanto Solutions (October 2011 – November 2017)
PaloSanto Solutions is the most prominent OpenSource based company in Ecuador, creators of worldwide famous Elastix PBX oriented linux distro. Here at PaloSanto Solutions I have managed the team that provided Professional Services to our customers. There are tasks of every imaginable kind at this position, from the recruiting and career planning of our staff, to the design of new Elastix related services like Security Audit, Cloud PBX, Clustering Addon for Elastix and the Consulting and Implementation of OpenSource solutions with a wider scope like Massive and Customized Captive Portal for high demanding customers, OpenSource based virtualization and cloud services in platforms like KVM, Xen, Docker and LXC and, of course, the management of our long standing Linux based Hosting services and its migration from a Hardware Collocation based solution to a much modern and flexible Cloud based solution.

IT Manager

Romero & Asociados Cia Ltda (May 1997 – October 2011)
As IT Manager at Romero & Asociados my principal duty was satisfying all the technological demands of this Audting, Consulting and Tax Adviser firm. Attending the needs of his branches at Quito and, mainly, Guayaquil and adapting their technological infraestructure to the requirements of their corresponding international partners. It is worth noting the following functions and challenges:

  • Network Administration.
  • Management of local Technological policies.
  • Compliance with International representation policies.
  • Design, planning and migration from Lotus Notes and Windows based infrastructure to Open Source solutions.
  • Supervision of Technical Support Staff.
  • Inventory and Acquisitions.


Owner and Manager

Cyber San Benito (May 2006 – February 2009)
This has been one of the biggest challenges I have faced off. This business had been established with a pretty constrained budget in a quite difficult and competitive market. One of the principal targets was having no debts at the end of the first year. This target was accomplished and the venture lasted two years more combined with my duties at Romero & Asociados Cia. Ltda. From this time is worth noting:
The experience obtained while dealing with all kind and condition customers and getting them constantly back.
The experienced associated to business management, incomes, expenses, promotions, staff care, goals’ pursuit.
The enduring satisfaction whenever you found an old customer and they ask for the reopening.

Network Administration

U. E. S. Cristóbal Colón (February 1994 – May 1997)
As IT laboratory Assistant first and later promoted to Network Administrator. My primary goal at U. E. S. Cristóbal Colón was obtain the maximum performance from their IT infrastructure in tight collaboration with the Education Personnel.
Novell Netware & Windows 3.X or Windows 95 network administration.
Easy Windows Replication Systems through network for easy deployment.
Scripts development for easy access to network resources and to digital library from the institution.